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September 15, 2012

‘Superstitious’ BCCI scrap the new Indian jersey – A marketing lesson for NIKE

On 16th of August, an all-new Team India jersey was revealed in Mumbai with several Indian team members turning up for the occasion. Yuvraj, Dhoni, Kohli, Irfan, Sehwag, etc all smiled and modeled in the brand new look for T20s.

“Lots of research has gone into it. I don’t know whether the research will result in extra runs but we will definitely feel more comfortable,” Dhoni joked on the occasion.

“When I wear the India colours I have to give my best. The jersey also has the colour of the national flag on it … makes it very special.” – Virender Sehwag

“Pretty stylish. Colour and design are eye-catching,” – Virat Kohli
The tri-colour running from the shoulders on to the sleeves, stood out as the most prominent feature of this new jersey. Despite contrary opinions on the new kit, the fans were enthusiastic to see the team in this look.

But BCCI has told Nike, the official kit maker, to provide the older version of the jersey which the Indian team wore at the 2011 World Cup due to ‘superstition’. BCCI President N Srinivasan is known to be superstitious and this may have led to the decision to not change the ‘winning jersey’. India will be participating in the ICC T20 World Cup in Sri Lanka wearing the same blue jersey they donned against New Zealand in the recently concluded series.

Marketers need to be tuned into the minds of the customers and adapt continuously otherwise they would find themselves in the same predicament as NIKE. Nike spent lot of money only to discover that the consumer is not willing to try out his product and that too for reasons not connected with the product. The decision not to use are based on the emotional connect rather than on the rational connect. Once emotions come into the picture even a marketing juggernaut like NIKE is helpless. It has to bow down and eat humble pie. .

Source: ‘Superstitious’ BCCI scrap the new Indian jersey dated Sep 13 2012
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