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December 21, 2012

Indian English and American English – Part IV (Yoghurt?)

Taken from A wonderful site very helpful. Everyone should check out this site.


Indian English           American English

Net                              Internet

Site                              Web site

Mail                             Email

Post                             Mail


Indian English                       American English

A place to park                        Driveway

A place to drive                      Parkway

Anti clockwise                        Counter-clockwise

Black money                           Tax free, Undeclared income

Bunk school                            Skip class

Convince someone                  Talk someone into

Dismissed (from job)              Fired (from job, for fault of employee) Laid off (from job, for no

                                                fault of employee)

Fainted                                    Passed out

Get down (from a bus)           Get off (of a bus)

Give the car some race           Speed up the car

How is everything?                How is it going?

How are you?                          How are you doing?

I am angry at you                    I am mad at you

Indian                                      Indian - Native American, East Indian - Person from India

Intimate                                   Inform

Issue a book (library)              Check out a book (library)

Join duty                                 Report for work

Let's make a move                  Let's go

Let's push off                          Let's go

Mess up                                   Screw up

Passed out                               Graduated

Push the accelerator                Step on the gas

Ring up (someone)                  Call up (someone)

Sleep in the afternoon             Nap

Standing from a constituency Running for an election

Straight-away                          Right away

The line is engaged                 It's busy / I got a busy tone

To appear in (give) a test         To take a test

To be out of station                 To be out of town

Too good                                 Cool

To post (a letter)                      To mail (a letter)

To submit                                To turn in

Very Close Relations              Intimate relations

Washing up machine               Dishwasher

Wash up                                  Do the dishes

Wash your hands                    Wash up

What is time?                          Do you have the time?

Indian English and American English – Part III (Eggplant?)

Taken from A wonderful site very helpful. Everyone should check out this site.

Pronunciation Difference

Indian English                       American English

Carolina                                   Carolaina

Regional                                  Riganal

Schedule                                 Skedul

Semi                                        Semai

Vitamin                                   Vaitamin


Indian English                       American English

Bill                                          Check

Carry bag                                Shopping bag

Chemist                                   Drugstore, Pharmacy

Cotton (reel of)                       Thread

Cotton wool                            Absorbent cotton

Dispensary                              Drugstore, Pharmacy

Drawing pins                           Thumb tacks

Expensive stores                     Upscale stores

Hair slide                                 Barrette

Jumble sale                              Garage sale, Yard sale

Line of open shops,                 Strip mall ("strip club" has a totally different meaning)

Material (by yard)                   Fabric

Provision store                        Grocery store

Provision store man                 Grocer

Shop                                        Shop, Store

Shop assistant                         Salesclerk

Shopping center                      Mall

Vegetable store                       Grocery store

Spelling Difference

Indian English           American English

Cheque                        Check

Centre                         Center

Colour                         Color

Dialled                        Dialed

Grey                            Gray

Jewellery                     Jewelry

Labour                         Labor

Omelette                     Omelet

Programme                  Program

Theatre                        Theater

Travelling                    Traveling


Indian English           American English

Charge call                  Collect call

Directory                     Phone book

Personal call                Person-to-person

Put the phone down    Hang up, Disconnect

Mobile Phone              Cell Phone

Reverse the charges    Collect call

STD code                    Area code

STD/PCO                    Public phone, Pay phone

Telephone call             Phone call, Call

To ring up                    To call/to give

To telephone               Buzz

Trunk call                    Long distance call


Indian English           American English

Dress circle                  Mezzanine

Houseful                      Full house

Gallery                         Balcony

Stalls                            Orchestra

Upper Circle                First balcony


Indian English           American English

Accelerate the car       Step on the gas

Air hostess                  Flight attendant

Bonnet                        Hood

Boot, dicky                 Trunk

Car accelerator            Gas pedal

Car parking                 Parking lot

Caravan                       Trailer or RV (recreational vehicle)

Coach                          Bus

Cycle                           Bike

Diesel                          Fuel (gas)

Footpath                      Sidewalk

Flyover                        Overpass

Gear stick                    Stick shift

Highway                     Freeway, Expressway, Interstate

Lorry                           Truck

Motorcycle                  Motor bike

Motor ways                 Freeways

Number plate              License plate

Overbridge                  Overpass

Pavement                    Sidewalk

Petrol                           Gas

Petrol pump                 Gas station

Punctured tire             Flat tire

Railtrack                      Railroad

Return ticket               Round trip

Silencer                       Muffler (a "silencer" is used to quiet the sound of a gun)

Signal                          Signal, Traffic light

Single ticket                One-way ticket

Take a lift                    Get a ride

Taxi                             Taxi, Cab

Traffic signal               Traffic light

Tram                            Streetcar

Underbridge                Underpass

Underground              Subway

Windscreen                 Windshield

Zebra Crossing            Crosswalk

Indian English and American English – Part II

Taken from A wonderful site very helpful. Everyone should check out this site..


Indian English                       American English

Aerial (for TV)                        Antenna

All year                                   All year or year-round

American football                   (similar to Rugby in UK) Football                 

At weekends                           On weekends             

Autumn                                   Fall

Barrister                                  Trial lawyer

Basin                                      Bowl (basin means bathroom sink)

Bath                                        Shower (when you fill tub and sit to wash, it is a bath)

Beggar                                     Panhandler

Bookstall                                 Newsstand

Bucket                                     Bucket or pail

Camp bed                                Cot or roll-away

Chewing Gum                         Gum

Cell                                          Battery

Cinema                                    Movie theater

Clever                                      Smart or bright

Cooling glass                           Sunglasses

Colony                                     Neighborhood

Creche                                     Daycare

Cricket (a game)                      Cricket (an insect)

Curriculum-vitae or Bio-data  Resume

Current                                    Electricity

Current account                      Checking account

Deposit account                      Savings account

Diary                                       Journal

District or Taluk                      County

Doctor                                     Doctor or Physician

Dustbin                                   Trash can

Earth wire                               Ground wire

Flat                                         Apartment ("flats" mean shoes without high heels)

Ex-serviceman                         Veteran

Football                                   Soccer

Hoarding                                 Billboard

Hotel                                       Restaurant

Gang                                       Mob

Garage                                     Garage, Shop, Service station

Garbage                                   Trash

Garden                                    Yard

Give test                                  Take test

Goods                                     Freight

Goods wagon                          Freight car, Container

Gramophone                           Phonograph, Turntable, Record player

Grill                                         Broil

Guest house                            Motel

Gum (adhesive)                       Glue

Goggles                                   Sunglasses

IBM-Compatible                     IBM-Clone

Inflammable                            Flammable

Jug                                           Pitcher

Kiosk                                       Booth

Lawyer                                    Lawyer or Attorney

Lift                                          Elevator

Ltd.                                         Inc.

Main city area                         Downtown (most of the time), Uptown

Mate                                        Friend ("mate" is used only for spouse)

Mess                                        Dorm cafeteria

Mixee                                      Mixer

Multi-storey                            High-rise, Skyscraper

Nice                                         Nice, Cool

Operation theatre                    Operating room

Perks                                       Perks, Fringe benefits, Benefits, Employment benefits

Photograph                              Picture

Picture                                     Movie

Plot of land                             Lot

Policeman                                Policeman, Cop, Police officer

Porter                                      Doorman

Nappies                                   Diapers

Notepad                                  Notepad, Scratchpad

Ordinary share                        Common stock

Pack of cards                          Deck of cards

Paisa                                        Penny, One cent

Past performance                    Track record

Pin code, postal code              ZIP code

Point, PowerpointOutlet,        Electrical outlet

Postbox                                   Mailbox (for home/apartment) Postbox (for rented box located in

                                                Post office)

Pram                                        Perambulator Stroller

Promenade                              Boardwalk

Race course                             Race track, The track

Queue                                      Line

Restaurant bill                         Restaurant check

Rs. 20 Note                             $20 Bill

Rubber                                    Eraser ("rubber" is the slang for condom!)

Snap                                        Picture

Solicitor                                   Lawyer, Attorney

Solid                                        Substantial

Spectacles                               Glasses

Suitcase                                   Suitcase, Baggage, Bag

Switchboard                            Power strip ("switchboard" is for a telephone operator)

Tap                                          Faucet

Talkies                                     Movie theater

Tea towel                                Dish towel

Timber                                    Timber, Lumber

Tin (of food)                           Can

To dispatch                             To ship

To fix                                      To install

Toilet                                       Restroom

Torch                                       Flashlight

To repair                                  To fix

Trade union                             Labor union

Transistor                                Radio

Two-in-One                             Boom box

Washing clothes                      Doing laundry