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January 27, 2011

Marketing terms - TGIF, Pink slips, WYSIWYG, GIGO and Reverse snobbery

TGIF: Thank God It’s Friday. A small message that started flashing on the computer screens of geeks became a brand in itself. TGIF also became a sort of a build up in the offices for winding up for the week end. 

Pink Slips: The hated word has become the bye word for firing. The pink slip is the worker’s ultimate nightmare – being fired from the job without any warning and without any ceremony. It is a bang bang thank you madam!

WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get. Taken from the field of Information Technology. It means that the person gets what he sees. Nothing extra. Often cited in the service industry as the proof of delivery of what is seen and not what is imagined or perceived. One can always argue that WYSIWYG is the basic tenet of service and that the customer expects more than WYSIWYG. But in markets where WYSIWYG is not possible the delivery of What You See Is What You Get itself is seen as delivery of excellent service.

GIGO: Garbage in Garbage Out. It means that if the input is not good the output will equally be bad. In sales management this can be understood as - if the quality of selected sales people is not good, if they are not well motivated, trained and if they do not execute the sales process professionally and the output or the result which is sales is not going to be good.

Reverse snobbery is the phenomenon of looking unfavorably on perceived social elites – effectively the opposite of snobbery. For instance, poorer members of society may eventually consider themselves to be friendlier, happier, more honest or moral than richer members of the society, and middle-income members of society may stress their poorer origins.

For example when everyone starts to wear cheap ready-made suits the reverse snobs might start wearing shabby cotton or denim suits signaling that their suits are costly and are for one season only unlike cheap ready made suits that can be worn for many seasons.


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