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August 26, 2013

Samoa Airlines - the first Airline in the world to sell the flight tickets by the kilo!

 Samoa Airlines is the first Airline in the world to sell the flight tickets by the kilo!

According to the Samoa Airlines web site this how it works…

The customer has to give Samoa his weight… within a kilo or two would be fine, then tell Samoa how much baggage he wants to take, the customers can take as many bags as he likes but has to give Samoa the intended total of his baggage in kilos (a kilo is 2.2 pounds)

 The Samoa system will add all of this together and charge by the kilo against the sector fare and that will be the customer’s total airfare. On payment the customer will have a page to download and bring with him when he checks in.

If the customers are traveling as a group and paying as one then follow the same process for each member and again the system will add all the weights and calculate the total cost based on the kilo rate for the sector. 

How does this help the customer: By knowing the weights Samoa can make some arrangements for the best seat for the customer for ease of travel and get customer more leg room and a more spacious seating.  Samoa will weigh everything.

Logic of paying by weight: An Aircraft can only provide a certain amount of weight on each and every sector for Samoa to sell, so Samoa’s commodity is weight!

Samoa gears its price per kilo by working it to pay for the sector and its objective is to carry the full payload – and give everyone equal comfort and to maximize its efficiency so it can offer lower rates.  
So the more Samoa know about actual weight the more efficient it can be at reaching the target then thus bringing its cost per kilo down and the benefit can be passed to the customer. The Benefit is the best price Samoa can deliver for anyone needing to send weight (either cargo or passengers) on any of its sectors.  

Samoa know that weight in advance so it can place the customer or aleast it can try to get the customer space and a seat which is comfortable and Samoa can do that by removing seats, increasing pitch between rows, and leaving areas unoccupied – and if the customer can nominate a companion Samoa know their weight and it can try to give the customer the combination they deserve… and for the larger and heavier customers Samoa will try to give ample space. 

Benefits for families: no more paying for seats for the kids at adult seat fare prices or half adult seat fare prices.  Total up their individual weights and the children get their seats at the same per kilo rate as everyone else on the aircraft pays.  

About cargo or unaccompanied baggage: With Samoa the customer can book the cargo onto any particular flight. Cargo rates are the same as passenger rates because a kilo…is a…kilo.. The only addition to cargo fees is if an item is in need of special handling then an appropriate fee is added. 

Samoa wants to reinvent ways to make air travel a new experience. 

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