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December 01, 2013

Unique Sales Promotion Ideas (Anniversaries, Inauguration), Levis, KFC

Man biting dog! In the corporate world one has to surprise the customers at all the time. To celebrate 125 years of its existence Levi's did some thing very unique, they gave away one pair of jeans  for any one coming into the store with a personal ID proof of names like Jean, Jane, Joan or John. All names which sound like Jeans. No doubt this was an expenditure but it created good will for the company. 

Similarly KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) gave 50% off for customers who came in with a personal identification of any name starting with the letter 'K' on the day of their outlet’s inauguration in Hyderabad. A great idea! This started off a chain reaction and many availed the offer. The offer was so popular that it got featured in the news papers the next day - a dream for all marketers.  To be featured in the news papers, get credibility and free Publicity.   

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