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September 17, 2020

Missing - a Misleading advertisement


My Student's Query

Good afternoon Sir, I have seen this pic on Instagram. Sir is this legal to advertise like this?

Me: Interesting advertisement, if you complain about this ad in ASCI ( Advertising Standards Council of India) and many others like you, me, and us complain it can get banned. Personally, I think The ad is in bad taste and has a very glaring spelling mistake "beautiful".
The USP of the product is not clear and the worst part is the brand name is mentioned in a very small print.
The only way this ad can get famous is for the reason that you have posted "for the wrong reasons".
Remember one howler from a fashion saloon in Bowenpally. It was seductively titled "trigger my passion' making it almost an Axe type of ad.
What did Charvi the fashion shop meant "Trigger my fashion!"
All in all, good observation.
Misleading ad and designed by the company itself and it directly advertised in the newspaper.
This is unethical and the newspaper concerned is not following standard media practices.

Conversation between Me and Sai Matam
Sai Matam: This Q and A would have taught your student than any textbook alone. The real education is to think and apply what you learned!

Dr. M. Anil Ramesh: Yes true, happy to say now at least 10 students do it now in my class!

Dr. M. Anil Ramesh: Out of 126 but it is still a start. A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step!

Sai Matam: This is an education in the truest sense. You are teaching them to fish

Sai Matam: Common sense is not so common. You can only hope to reach a certain portion of your students. 10% is great.

Sai Matam: Also, your students come from all over - not IIM + where 'A' students are the norm.

Dr. M. Anil Ramesh: Yes, it is like being hit in solar Plexus. They struggled when I used the term the company's profits went southwards. I was quoting a western author!

Sai Matam: Poor reading habits and poor vocabulary

Sai Matam: You have plenty of challenges

Dr. M. Anil Ramesh: Yes

End of conversation

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