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July 06, 2012

BPO - Call Centre - Even more Jargon, jargon, Jargon

1.     Predictive Dialler: Specialist telephony equipment for managing outbound calls. The term predictive means that the dialler will phone the telephone number of the customers you want to contact, and only when the phone is answered by a person, will the call then be directed to an agent to answer. Here an algorithm is used to predict when an agent is likely to become free and dials in anticipation of this so that the non productive time that an agent spends between calls is minimised.

2.      Queue: The ability to prioritise and handle callers when there is no Agent available

3.      Screen Pop : Screen pop describes the ability for a screen to arrive on an agent desktop at the same time as a call

4.      Service Level Agreement: A contractual agreement between a service provider and the organisation specifying specific performance standards to be achieved.

5.      Skill Based Routing: Ensures that calls are directed to those agents that have the specific skills to answer that call type most effectively

6.      Talk Time: The amount of time an Agent spends handling a customer call - from start to finish.

7.      Turret : This is one of the most baffling uses of jargon in a call centre, but effectively means an agent telephone set. Usually the term teleset is used these days.

8.      UC - Unified Communications: Blending of interaction types; where initial contact was made by Voice, the response may be via email, etc.

9.      Virtual Call Centre: A group of Call Centres that acts as a single point for call handling and reporting processes.

10.  Wallboards: Electronic displays within the physical location of a call centre, used to give the management and agents a view of their own team's performance. Wallboards can be used to display key performance criteria such as service level or calls queuing, again in real time.

11.  WFM - Work Force Management: The means of determining and providing Schedules, Forecasting and Adherence for a work force, against historical interaction volumes and known future events.

12.  Wrap Time: Time taken by the Agent, following the call, to complete the transactions for that call – also known as After Call Work.

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