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July 06, 2012

BPO - Call Centre - More Jargon, Jargon, Jargon

1.      Call Blending: A technique to mix Inbound and outbound calls for specific agents. Smooths out the peak nature of demand for inbound call patterns by feeding outbound calls of a similar call type to Agents during quiet periods.

2.      CEM - Customer Experience Management: The appliance of an over-riding theme, company ethos or approach, irrespective of the means of contact.

3.      Coach: The person who provides additional support and technical knowledge to Agents. (In addition to the Team Leader). Also known as a buddy.

4.      CLI (Calling Line Identity): A telephone technology that displays the number where customer is calling from. This number can be used by CTI software to match up to a computer record for that caller.

5.      Call Recording: A solution to implement an effective call handling quality process. Can involve the recording and storage of calls and data relating to financial or legal transactions.

6.      DMS (Document Management System): Many Call Centres handle large amounts of incoming mail, which is opened and scanned by DMS for electronic distribution as part of a workflow process for managing correspondence.

7.      DNIS - Dialled Number Identification Service: A feature of the telephony network to re-present a callers telephony number to the called party.

8.      Intra Day Statistics: Reports that provide details of what is happening in the Call Centre at particular times of the day – often broken down into thirty minute periods

9.      IVR (Interactive Voice Response): Asks customers to press a button on their telephone key pad to select which service they want. The technology then routes the call to the most appropriate agent to handle the enquiry! Or it can ask customers to use their own telephone keypad to key information that will help the agent to validate who they are e.g. account numbers.

10.  Knowledge Management System: A desktop application that Agents use as source of information to provide the answers to customer enquiries. As the range of enquiries that an agent may have to handle is large, or the responses may change regularly, then the Knowledge Management System acts as a single source of content for the centre to use.

11.  KPI - Key Performance Indicator: A (percentage) measure of (work) volume versus success criteria, by which the relative performance of a work unit is measured.

12.  Multi-lingual Agents: Agents that are skilled in handling calls in more than one language.

13.  Multi Skilling: An agent who can handle several different types of call, - different call types e.g. sales and service.

14.  One and Done: The ability for the customer transaction to be completed by the Agent in a single call.

15.  Outsourcing: The sharing of call centre activities e.g. peak call loads or certain call types, with a third party specialist company who can manage the calls on your behalf. Outsourcers can provide both inbound response and outbound campaign services across a range of call types – telemarketing, customer service, technical helpdesk, debt management and many more.

16.  PBX (Private Branch Exchange): An office telephone system located in one building that provides voice communications. Also known in the UK as a PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange).

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