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July 26, 2013

Man Biting Dog - Chennai Express cutout in Airport.

My marketing teacher would always exclaim during presentations "Advertising should be man biting dog and not dog biting man". What he was meaning was a presentation should have a punch and deliver the message in no uncertain terms. Loud and Clear. 

In the era where marketing costs are rising exponentially it is imperative that advertisers give a bang - a big bang for customer's advertising budget. 

Thus the advertising cut out of Chennai Express a typically Bollywood potboiler came as a pleasant surprise. I was on my way to Pune on 23rd night and I saw the cut out in Hyderabad International airport. 

The single strategically placed cutout was a huge attraction. The cut out resembled a train compartment. There were curious onlookers trying to peep into the compartment itself. Needless to say there was nothing in the compartment!. 

I think the bigger element of attraction was the stark contrast between a swank airport and the cut out of a Hindi movie titled "Chennai Express". What a thought provoking creativity. An advertising cut out of a train  in a airport. Talk about figure and ground principle. A very clever idea and a brilliant execution. Hats of to you Rohit Shetty.

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  1. If you look closely, between Chennai Express and Red 2, i felt Bruce Willis was looking much younger and quick in comedy timing. SRK definitely is looking more older and older because of his smoking and drinking habits. Maybe he is imitating tamil super star Rajinikanth who has the same die hard habits! Coming to the movie, i could feel the movie taken with just 20C budget with nearly 80 % sets and 20% on Railways and their stations. It is looks a Rajasthan Royals winning the first IPL with a fledgeling team. Being a south indian, i felt it could have been better if it was taken in tamil itself and would have been a sure hit. But being in hindi, i felt i was drinking a soda and not a coke! First half was good, but the second half made me to keep checking the time and was massaging my seat uncomfortably! Even SRK would be wishing that he should have teamed with Yash %26 Co instead. My rating would be 2.5/5.