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September 05, 2013

Me and my blog - a dialogue with myself.

 On this auspicious teacher’s day I wanted to reflect on my blog. It has become a habit to check out the blog statistics every morning. Most days are wonderful. I get over 350 readers from all over the world. Some days I get over 400. On some very special days I get over 500. On the day I get 500 I become very happy. It is like the 400 runs by Brain Lara (to me Atleast!). 

The blog items that I write with lots of passion and research sometimes don’t get the appreciation and attention which I feel they deserve. Some blogs items that I write as a lark get lots of attention, likes on the Facebook and become popular. 

I have realized of late that my blog identity is its title – Marketing Musings. It is all about marketing and sales. My blog items about Lux, Lifebuoy and other popular FMCG products are getting lot of attention. That is what my readers are telling me. Stick to marketing!  

Blog items that are topical and modern are liked but readers are not enamored by them. Blog articles on nostalgia and things from the days bygone are proving to be very popular. May be a very clear indication that days of the blogs are severely numbered. The assumption obviously being that nostalgia and thinking about bygone era is what older people do more often than youngsters who are born and raised in the digital age of Facebook, twitters and flash mobs.

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