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September 10, 2019

Tiger by the Tail - The art and practice of Comparative Advertising, Nagarjuna Cements takes on Lalitha Jewelers

Twins separated at birth. Not by a long chance. This is the MD of Lalitha Jewellers popularly called Gundu Garru. The rags to riches of the MD of Lalitha Jewellers may or may not have appealed to the masses but the claim of low cost, the comparability of the products and the sheer repeating (or brainwashing) of the campaign have had the desired results. Gundu sir has become an advertising icon by his own right.

Now, this guy is the imitating Mr.Kiran of Lalitha Jewellery. He is definitely not the MD of Nagarjuna cement. He is a model and Nagarjuna cement is unabashedly imitating or aping Lalitha Jewellery MD. Right down to the bald pate, rimless spectacles and even the blue t-shirt. imitation is the best form of flattery.

The Nagarjuna advertisement is trying to run down Lalitha Jewellers. I don't understand the logic. Nagarjuna cement and Lalitha Jewelers are in different product categories and Nagarjuna's cement brand promise is different from the brand promise of Lalitha Jewellers. Lalitha Jewellersis about smart buying and long-time investment, whereas Nagarjuna cement is about strength and durability. The persona of Lalitha Jewellersis that of the elder person of the house, whereas the persona of Nagarjuna cement model does not fit with that of a Monagadu (a tough guy) cement a brand persona that Nagarjuna cement has painstakingly built over decades of its existence.

Things to ponder Nagarjuna cement. Time your creative department went into overdrive.

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