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January 21, 2020

new ideas for management jokes

1)   Akbar and Birbal, brinjal is not my emperor (Available)
2)   Salar Jung museum and brains for sale (Available)
3)   Fresh fish sold here (Available)
4)   Can we get the ball rolling (Available)
5)   Time confusion in Ethiopia (Available)
6)   Usha in Ethiopia (Available)
7)   Caring, carrier -?
8)   Massage -?
9)   Taste my urine -?
10) Bricklayer (under management concepts), worker, artiste and artisan (Available)
11) Height of optimism and pessimism (full of shit and fresh milk) (Available)
12) Loss of a country is the loss of territory -?
13) Height of optimism - somebody will catch me on the 15th floor -?
14) Was that 17th salesperson -?
15) No Children only sons -?
16) Big son and small son -?
17) Big hole (hall) in my house -?
18) Snakes will be served -?
19) Big bride and a small bride -?
20) Bureaucracy - life certificate in the month of May too! (Available)
21) Muscat - wearing of lungi is appearing in shorts -?
22) Balushi Omanis can speak Hindi -?
23) Ethiopia is air-conditioned-?
24) Ethiopians are very good looking and fair -?
25) Concepts  of god fearingness (Available) - Churches
26) Midnight in the evening (Ethiopia) - ?
27) Everyone is Shah Rukh and everyone is Rani -?
28) Bapuji and Hind - ?
29) Veronica joke (Available)
30) Lecture - about disagreeing with the audience (Available)
31) first time speech - what were you doing in a ladies toilet (Available)
32, 33, 34) Churchill jokes -  poison your coffee, fat and thin, will not allow fools to pass (Available)
35) Albert Einstien, small cat and big cat (Available)
36) Prince phenyl (Available)
37) Vilan underwear (Available)
38) Quba mobiles (Available)
39) belief in god - let go from five feet from the ground (Available)
40) Payasam - Rama Krishna Paramahamsa (Available)
41) Albert Einstien, forgetting about his son (Available)
42) Snakebite and poison (Available)
43) Albert Einstien, about writing in the dust, formulas (Available) also cab driver
44) Gandhiji and Frugality (Available)
45) Best seat in the world (Available)
46) Sri Sri "is this chair live or dead"
47) BBC Story (Available)
48) Once a thief (Available)
49)  Womb for sale (blog item) (Available)
50) RSVP, Wombat in advertising
51) changing of the bulb (Available)
52) Detergent powder advertising in Dubai (Available)
53) Alcohol and mosquitoes die in a bottle of alcohol (Available)
54) crossing road in Abids - Probability (Available)
55) come inside randi randi, Munda et all (Available)
56) Ikea example of low priced coffee (Available)
57) trying to sell baby milk powder in Africa (Available)
58) Car not liking Vanilla icecream (Available)
59) Apple falling on Newton's head and Sherlock's way of solving the crime (Available)
60) Example of Paint company (Available)
61) Example of Perrier (Available)
62) Example of trying to sell tooth powder in the USA (Available)
63) Nova, makes your ancestors come alive, (Pepsi), yellow teeth in Thailand, Nor liking cute animals as models. (Available)
64) colours in marketing. (Available)
65) case of Maggi and Swiggy (Available)
66) Milk is veg or non-veg, what is fasting food? (Available)
67) Eating sweets, wearing white or black (Available)
68) Unique Selling Proposition (Levis and KFC) (Available)
69) Karachi bakery and Paradise Cafe (Available)
70) Einstein - and the cab driver (Available)
71) 8 and 8.5 size shoes (Available)
72) what is there in your phone is not in my phone (Available)
73) Po Ra Po (Available) should be rewritten
74) first bench, second bench and final bench -?
75) shifting the lift or putting mirrors in the corridors -?
76) Missing to buy Infosys shares -?
77) missing to get into Wipro -?
79) brainstorming - shifting the lift example -?
80) My husband is missing - no vegetables (Available)
81) jokes between doctor and mechanic, with the engine working (Available)
82) Get under the consulting table (Available)
83) same model from adam and eve (Available)
84) Multi-lingual dog says (meow) -?
85) Squeezing lime out of a lemon - income tax officer -?
86) foreigner and driver bit by a scorpion -?
87) Nani Palkiwala can't afford himself -?
88) donkey sleeping on the road - pour hot water on it, make it wake up and it will kick you -?
89) Chikka Swamy, chigga means mad in Amharic -?
90) 4 horses and a mare - (Available)
91) Vishnu is in this pillar too - (Available)
92)  Potato in your organization - (Available)
93)  Thank god I fell in good company (Available)
94) Eureka Forbes type of selling (Available)
95) Sales executives and sales manager (Available)
96) Buying the kitten for the antique vessel (Available)
97) lift shifting from 35th floor to ground floor (Available)
98) gift wrapping each broken piece of antique vessel separately -?
99) Sanke catching government office -?
100) Tigers eating one bureaucracy per day -? 

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