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January 07, 2021

S.P.Bala Subramanyam singing the song of my father Sri M.C.Anjaneyulu.


This Song was was written by my father, Sri M.C.Anjaneyulu, which was sung by late S.P. Balasubramanyam, the legend. Rest in peace.
Got some more information from my father an encyclopaedia of information and a very meticulous record maintainer.
This song was telecast on Gemini TV. There was a contest conducted by Gemini TV called "Mee Paata Balu Nota" meaning "your song in Balu's voice".
I am told that more than 15,000 people sent in their songs for the contest and I am proud to say that Daddy's song was the first one sung by late S. P. Garu and he sang six other songs.
Balasubramanyam garu said that he loved this song and that he is very impressed as it is based on Psychology and child behaviour.
The song is about the anguish of a first child with the birth of the second (this explanation is for readers who don't understand Telugu).
This unique experiment was conducted by Gemini during Dusheera, 19-10-1999. My sister Dr.M.Uma recorded the song on her VCR and later we got it converted to digital format and gave us an opportunity to share it with you all.

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