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March 13, 2013

Eeco - New wine in a old Bottle!

Eeco from Maruti Suzuki is a refurbished Versa. It is new wine in old bottle.
Maruti Versa was stopped as it did not do as well as expected.  The maintenance cost was high and the price too steep.
The pricing of Eeco is competitive, 3.85 lakhs (5 -seater A/C) attractive for a family that dreams of a big car. The tagline – utility blended with luxury is perfect for this big vehicle. Eeco packs a powerful 1200cc engine with A/C which is an added advantage.
Unlike the Versa the Maruti Eeco does not have power steering and power windows. This was done to reduce the cost and also to justify the decrease in the price.
Eeco has also been released in a CNG variant thereby recognizing a good opportunity to increase the sales. Eeco has been positioned to penetrate the smaller supply chain and logistics sector where the amount of pay load is less. It is also a boon for bigger families . It has also become a first choice for the ambulances on roads.
Eeco faces competition from vehicles like Tata Ace in the supply chain sector as well as vehicles like Tata venture. Increasing petrol prices are a big threat to petrol vehicle sales. And TATA Venture adds heat to the segment, as the venture is diesel and its mileage efficiency is good when compared to Eeco.

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