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April 12, 2013

Heart touching advertisement from ICICI Prudential

One sector every one fears is Insurance. Who in the world want to face a perk salesman early in the morning who fires a salvo  - “suppose you die?”. Yes death is inevitable and it will come to all of us. But thinking about it is unpleasant and that too on a Monday morning. And the worst part of it – being reminded by a salesman who wants to cash in on somebody else’s demise.
Thus it is not surprising that most Life insurance advertisements are so boring that they are permanently ignored (far from selective attention, selective absorption and selective retention). Most of the story lines are drab, tacky and uninspiring. The rapid fire end line about insurance being solicitation and not compulsory it’s the ultimate turn off.

Thus it was very surprising to see the latest advertisement of ICICI – Prudential Life Insurance – Par Bande Ache Hai. It has a great storyline, haunting music and taut editing. It is a terrific story told in 60 seconds. A dream come true!.

Many incidents are recited in one. The father testing the strength of the bridge before he allows his family to step on it, The exasperated wife picking up a towel from the floor and her husband adroitly closing the dressing table’s drawer so that his wife does not bang her head, father taking the blame of muddy footprints instead of his daughter and finally the husband taking the side of the traffic on the road are all master pieces of observation and human behaviour.

All of us have warts and many shortcomings but we are loved and we love others. Love has to be unselfish and everlasting. Beautiful sentiments.   And the company that brings the lump in our throat – ICICI Prudential. A great advertisement – I am sure this will win many laurels and awards. Keep going – ICICI Prudential, expecting many more good things from you.


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