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April 28, 2014

1st Article published in HANS India today - 'Pay As Much As You Weigh'

My article got published in HANS INDIA today (28th April 2014). The URL for HANS INDIA is Go to YOUNG HANS section and my article is in Page III. I tried uploading the PDF of the article but Facebook is not accepting PDF uploading now will blogspot. The JPEG of the article gets blurred on zooming!

I am very happy to tell you all that "Hans India" a daily English Newspaper from Hyderabad would be publishing my articles on a weekly basis. It is a great step forward (or backward - depending on whether you look if from mass readership perspective or from a technology perspective). All is all I am very excited as it means reaching out to a much larger audience. Big thanks my family members, my friends, colleagues, students and readers for their continuous support, encouragement and feedback. Will try to share all the published articles online. It is all because of the support and encouragement that I received from the readers from through out the world.

All the newspaper articles that would be published would be taken from the blog. Obviously they will be edited keeping the newspaper and the tone and tenor of the original article’s content and time frame. 


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  3. HANS India! Congratulation. Enjoy all your postings.

  4. Hans India! Congratulation. Enjoy all your postings.

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