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June 01, 2014

FIFA world cup - 2014


Football world cup is here. Football or soccer as it is popularly called is the moist popular sport in the world. It is a much awaited carnival that comes once in four years. It has steadfast followers  throughout the world. It is watched by billions on TV. Thus it is not surprising that the world GDP takes s dip when the Football world cup in on. Many watchers do not go  to the office the next day (after a bout of football watching the night before). 

Let us examine two innovative campaigns that aim to cash in on the football craze.

Coca-Cola’s:  World Cup 2014 promotional campaign has been launched with 18 mini bottles. These bottles contain no actual soda but each of the bottles can communicate messages and avatars to another bottle in the range.

The designs of the bottles pay tribute to 18 World Cup’s host countries from the past and future—the tiny bottles feature national flags and well-recognized visual motifs of the countries like Brazil, Argentina, Japan, and others. The collectible bottles can be attached to bags or phones as bright accessories.

The bottles come as an interactive platform as well. Using Facebook or iPhone and Android apps, soccer and Coke fans can create special messages and pictures that can be sent to and displayed on other bottles. Additionally, the markers integrated into the design of the bottles can open up as augmented reality animations when scanned with smartphones.