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May 09, 2018

Beauty in Simplicity - Marketing lesson for the day - Jet airlines celebrates 25 years of flying.

There is beauty in simplicity. Jet airlines was celebrating 25 years of flying in India on 6th May 2018. This was the logo adorning the seat in front of me on my flight from Pune to Hyderabad on 8th May 2018. What a dramatic design. It took my breath away. 

But at the same time a small thought came in my mind. What if, what only if Jet airlines made a cute memorabilia and gifted all the passengers who flew with them this particular week. What good will they would have generated!

And if they are so cost conscious they could have offered it at 25/- rupees, 125/- rupees or at 225/-. Get my point. Jet's offering would have sat on many decision makers table and it would have been great branding. What only if!

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