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November 27, 2010

Sales executives and Sales Manager - Hard working or hardly working - Joke - I

It is said that people learn from stories. That is why Aesop tales and our own Jataka Tales are held as ultimate examples in giving small doses of knowledge but albeit in the funny and easily understandable format of stories. Let us today examine three jokes that will help us learn sales management nuances.

One person was selling puppies. Three puppies were priced at Rs 10,000/- and one was priced at Rs 50,000/-. The problem was that all the puppies looked alike. When quipped about the same the seller clicked. The three (Rs 10,000/-) puppies were off in a jiffy. In no time they were after a rabbit and after a titanic struggle killed it. They proudly brought the rabbit carcass and placed it at the feet of the seller. “That is why they are worth Rs10,000/-“exclaimed the seller. “That much I understand but why is the fourth puppy priced at Rs 50,000/-?” the irritated prospective customer retorted.

“Now watch” the seller clicked again and the three (Rs 10,000/-) puppies were off again. The fourth one was at the heels of the three puppies in front of it. The three puppies were frantically searching for the rabbit. All the time the fourth puppy kept yapping and trying to bite the puppies into action. It was appearing to do a lot without really doing anything.

Finally the three puppies found a rabbit and killed it. They were bringing it back. Just before they could place it at the feet of the seller the fourth puppy snatched the carcass of the rabbit and galloped in front of the other three and placed it at the feet of its master. It gave a huge sigh and sat obediently at the feet of the seller “That is why the fourth puppy is worth Rs 50,000/-“ “I still don’t understand” said the puzzled customer” “ Arre Saab the first three are the sales executives and the fourth one is the sales manager”.

Moral of the story: It is always the sales executives who do the job but it is the sales manager who gets the credit.

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