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November 27, 2010

Sales techniques and Product Knowledge – Stray Kitten and antique Chinese mink dynasty vase – Joke – II

A man was selling a very innocuous looking kitten. It was a drab barn reared stray. But like all small babies it was very cute. An interested bystander stopped to look at the kitten. He was stunned when he looked at the feeding vessel of the kitten. It was a antique Chinese mink dynasty vase. “My god it is worth at least a lakh rupees’ He said to himself. “May be the seller does not know the value of the vase” Hello, how much for the kitten” “Only Rs 5,000/-“ said the seller “ that is a lot for astray but then the vase will compensate for the kitten” the bystander said to himself  “okay” said the bystander  “I will take it”. The bystander quietly paid the money and gathered the kitten in his arms. He was walking away and suddenly stopped as if struck by a thought “Hello my friend I think it might miss its feeding vessel, why don’t you give it to me?” “No sir, I can’t do that I have already sold two hundred kittens showing that vase and I have a family to feed”

Moral of the story: If your selling skills are based on solid techniques and sound product knowledge (the antique Chinese mink vase) it is very easy to sell any product (stray barn reared kitten).

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