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November 27, 2010

Taking advice – the story of a thirsty traveler in the desert – Joke III

A man was lost in the desert. He was desperately hungry and more than hunger he was thirsty. He was desperate for a drink. He kept walking in the desert. He walked and walked for days together. One day morning he was struck by a strange sight. He saw a man selling ties that too at Rs 500/- each! “Take one of them sir” advised the seller “you might need them in the future” The thirsty man refused the offer. His mind was only looking for the drink and buying of ties was the last thing in the world. The next two hours the same thing repeated two more times. Only the rate of the ties went up from Rs 500/- to Rs 2,000/- to Rs 5000/-. Every time the seller advised the thirsty man to  buy the ties at least one of the tie and warned him that not buying the tie could be very detrimental.

Finally at the end of the day the thirsty man saw a sight that was balm for the sore eyes. There was a bar beckoning him! He ran towards it. As he neared the entrance he saw a sign and fainted dead.  The sign at the bar said “Drinks free for any thirsty traveler. Entry only for a traveler with a tie”

Moral of the story: as a sales person it is always better to take advice of the friends and seniors as how to make one self a better sales person. Because by the time the advice is really needed – it might not be available”

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