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October 28, 2013

Product testing - Interesting examples

Many a times companies would like to know how their products would work out in real life situation. In such cases they would indulge in product testing. Product testing can be done in the field or in a experimental setting or in-house.

Gillette has a very interesting way of testing its products. All the male volunteers of Gillette are required to come to the office or the factory without a shave. Once they come to the factory they are required to go to a special room and take a shave. There are marketers observing the employees from behind the mirrors. The way the employees shave, the time taken, the process of shaving, the application of cream and after shave lotion, the number of strokes in the shaving process, and whether they shave only in one direction or many directions all give very interesting insights in product development. 

Similarly there are lots of youngsters who combine business with pleasure by walking up an down a corridor while listening to music or reading textbooks on their Kindle. What are they testing? They are testing the wear and tear of carpets. Each student has to walk for a specified time and specified distance. This way the durability of carpets can be tested. The luckier lot get to sleep – Literally. They are testing the durability of the mattresses or of the bed itself.

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