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September 08, 2011

GAME, SET and MATCH - Marketing Professor

  A marketing professor was conducting a test. This test was one of the tests that is tough and students had trooped in with long faces. Their worst fears had come true. The examination was tough. 

The grim faced professor was pacing the hall. He suddenly spotted a laggard (student coming late) "Hello my friend" he said "why are you late".   

"Well sir" the student replied haltingly "I started out early but my car had a flat (punctured tyre). By the time I fixed the flat the exam had already started". The professor did not like the answer but allowed the student to come in but he was not allowed to write the examination.

To the professor's great surprise three more students trooped in after 5 minutes. On enquiry they said that they were traveling in the same car and that was the reason for their delay. The professor said " I am very sorry that you have missed the examination. You can take the make up tomorrow".

The four students were jubilant. They had just done the impossible. They pulled wool (fooled) over the toughest professor. Gloating about their victory they went home and prepared well for the next day’s examination.

The following day the four students went to the examination hall. They were met by the smiling professor who handed over the question paper. The question paper had only two questions.

Question 1:     What are 4 Ps in marketing                                                    -    05 marks

Question 2:     Which tyre got punctuated yesterday (tick the right answer) –  95 marks

a)                  Front tyre       (right side)
b)                 Front tyre       (left side)
c)                  Rear tyre        (right side)
d)                 Rear tyre        (left side)

GAME, SET and MATCH for the marketing professor.

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