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September 28, 2011

Osmania university and any other university, one ticket and no ticket at all

I have studied in Osmania University. I have heard many jokes extolling the virtues of being a student from a university that is 100 years old. Here are two of them. 

1. Two university students were in a rest room. One of them was from Osmania University and the other is from X university. The students were at the wash basin. The X university student cleaned his hands liberally and said “We students from X university always clean our hand after pissing".

The Osmania University student coolly looked on and remarked “We Osmania university students do not piss in our hands" 

2. A group of Osmania University was traveling to Goa on an industrial visit. They discovered that X university student group was also traveling in the same compartment. X University students discovered that the entire set of Osmania University had a single ticket among them.

X University students were totally convinced that the Osmania University students would be caught and taken off the train. Osmania University students rushed off to the toilet the minute they saw the ticket checker. 

The ticket checker stopped at the toilet, knocked on the door and said "ticket please?" One hand shot out and showed ONE TICKET.  This trickery was noticed by X University students.

On the return journey X University students bought one ticket and the Osmania University students did not buy any. This time the X University students were sure that that the Osmania University students would be caught this time. 

The minute the TC (Ticket collector stating checking tickets both the University students rushed to the toilets. X University students locked themselves in one of the toilet and the Osmania University students locked themselves in the opposite toilet. 

One Osmania University student emerged of of their toilet, knocked on the opposite toilet (the toilet having the students of X university) and said “TICKET PLEASE?"

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