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September 28, 2011

A good sales man is as good as his last sale

One adage that is frequent used by many sales professionals. A sales person is as good as his last sales. A salesman can’t rest on his laurels. The euphoria of the sales gets evaporated as soon as it is submitted in the office. 

The race earnestly starts for the next sale. The sales person always has to be on his toes. Most sales people do not consider a single sale as a high point. It is the total sale that matters. That is the target achievement in a month or a quarter is more important than a single sale.  

The Prima donnas’ of a single glorified sales man are long gone. Most companies resort to systems selling. Systems selling where a team of sales people are responsible for servicing a client.  Systems selling also eliminates the need to have a daily high. The daily high of a successful sale. In the glorified single person –single order regimes the pressure of getting a sale was so high that sales people would get a sale by hook or crook.

In systems selling getting a sale is only a process not an end in itself. Lot of focus is on lost orders. Lost orders are identified, tracked and reasons for losing an order are analyzed. Analyzed, so that orders are not lost in the future.

Systems selling also emphasizes that getting an order is not as important as seeing that the sales is transacted well. The item has to be delivered, installed, and the user has to get the total satisfaction of possessing and using the product.  

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