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September 28, 2011

Setting the face of the man will set the world itself

Small children now a days are very precocious. They are aware and can be tiring on parents. One such child was harassing his mother with innumerable doubts. The ragged mother hit upon a bright idea. She took a magazine and tore a sheet out of it. The torn sheet had the world map on it. She proceeded to tear the world map into small bits.

She presented the torn bits of paper to her son and told him to assemble the world map again. She was sure that this exercise would consume many hours as a child of that age would take lot of time to assemble the world map. 

To her consternation the child was in the kitchen with in half-an-hour. To her surprise the world map was assembled and pasted. Accepting her defeat she asked “how is it possible that you could assemble the world map so easily and that too in a jiffy". 

Her son answered "what world map? I never knew anything about countries of the world. The back side of the world map had a picture of face of a man. I assembled the face and reversed it and the world map was made"

How true. Everything in this world is made of human beings and their emotions. Manage the men and keep them happy and conquering the world should not pose any problem.

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