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October 28, 2011

Generation Gap!

One day my nephew was bemoaning the fact that they had only one car. He was saying it was not fair. I was lecturing my nephew about the fact that his generation should consider themselves lucky that they are going to the school in a car/auto/motorcycle. I told him “you are lucky, we had no option at all. We had to take the public transport and at times had to walk both to school and back to home". 

My father who was listening to the conversation piped in. He told me "your generations should consider yourself very lucky. My school was 8 kilometers away and every day I walked all the way to the school and back to the home. And I had no foot wear. My first foot wear was bought when I was doing intermediate (11th)". 

The travails of three generation of school going children were apparent in the gasps of amazement given out by me and my nephew. 

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