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January 30, 2012

Samanvay's Valedictory Address by Prof M.Anil Ramesh on 29th January 2012

About 16th Samanvay

I Prof M. Anil Ramesh Director- Academic and Chairman Steering committee of 16th Samanvay humbly stand before you to give you a small brief about Samanvay. I am very conscious of the fact that standing here and telling you about Samanvay is a singular honor and I am only a representative of a band of wonderful people – the 16th Samanvay team. These wonderful people include the Management, the administrators, the members of the academic councils, directors of SSIM, Principals of Degree college and the school, the faculty members, staff of the Siva Sivani group, our student volunteers who smilingly took and executed any work that was assigned to them, the wonderful sponsors who supported us and the media friend covering the event.

Samanvay the inter collegiate competition of Siva Sivani Institute of management is the mother of all events that are hosted by the Siva Sivani Group. All the events conducted at the Siva Sivani group start with the letter S. This unique way of naming all the events with the letter S is our own humble way of remembering the group’s name Siva Sivani and the illustration founder Sri Sampathy who has been the inspiration and the guiding light for all of us at the Siva Sivani group.

Samanvay is the meeting of the hearts of the students and the other constituent members of the Siva Sivani group. The students learn many aspects and nuance of management by putting theory into practice.

They learn to take pressure and responsibilities. They adapt to varying situations and learn to cope with the uncertainty and vagaries of the business environment. They learn to take disappointments in their stride and understood the true meaning of leadership and ability to work in groups. They also grasp the meaning of working with in their and others peoples strengths and weaknesses. They mature and become men and women who will be keeping the spirit, the flag and the brand of Siva Sivani group flying high.

The 16th Samanvay had 8 events. Five of the events were formal events. They are the Young Manager, the best among the management students who walks with an all expenses paid one week foreign trip sponsored by Global Talent consultants, Bangkok, Thailand. The other three formal events were Market Makers, Bulls and Bears, Start Up and Business Quiz.

Samanvay had three informal events namely Meet the Press, Floor Fusion and Sangeet Sangam.

The college bagging the most point from all the 8 events would be crowned the Sartaj of Samanvay. – The Kohinoor of 16th Samanvay. I am waiting with baited breath to know the identity of the college that will be walking away this evening with this year’s Sartaj of Samanvay.

In total 49 colleges from all over Andhra Pradesh participated in the 16th Samanvay. We had a roaring response for all the formal and informal events. We had 700 participants in 8 events.

At the end I would like to thank the management for nominating me to be the Chairman of this edition of Samanvay. I feel nostalgic and sad at the same time.  It was a honor to lead this year’s team of Samanvay. I take this opportunity to wish the next team of 17th Samanvay all the best and assure them of all support and guidance from the present team. Thanking one and all for the support that was extended to the 16th Samanvay team.  

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