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March 08, 2020

Keep rocking COCO-TANG

Congratulations COCO-TANG. A lot has been happening with this dynamic start-up company from Hyderabad in the last week.

They got an invite from the British High Commission. They gave a presentation about the company at the British council, Chennai. The Prime minister's office has recognised their efforts and Zee TV gave them national coverage.

In our small way, we too at SSIM (Siva Sivani Institute of Management), have contributed our wee bit in the success of COCO-TANG. COCO-TANG has been introduced to SSIM by Dr. A. Muralidhara Prasad, Professor and head Entrepreneurship cell at SSIM. Dr. Muralidhara Prasad is a registered trainer and mentor of BYST.

Through Dr. A. Muralidhara Prasad sir, I got in touch with COCO-TANG, and the bond grew over the years. Coco Tang has been seeking my advice on issues related to marketing.

It is a delight to work with the dynamic duo Dr. Neelima Veluri and her husband Mr. Chaitanya. They are very warm individuals and very down to earth. Dr. Madhusudan Kota and I have written a case study about COCO-TANGthat was published in Emerald international.

I am delighted at your success COCO-TANG team. May you scale more heights: God speed and all the best.

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