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March 14, 2020

Oh God Save Us - The Marketers are Coming!

Corona Virus is ruling the world and it is T.O.M (Top of the Mind) in  everyone's  conversation.  People are flexing their regional, country-specific chauvinistic muscles claiming superiority.

They are claiming that some countries will not get the virus because of food habits, skin colour, high temperature etc. Still, many others are claiming wonder cures without any authentication from any reliable sources including the medical fraternity.

As usual, the business community has jumped into the fray. One saree manufacturer is selling Coran Virus sarees. It is not clear if the wearer has to wear the saree before getting the virus or after getting the infection or after testing positive or after getting treatment. Photo Courtesy Dr.Krishna Veni Lankapotu Madam.

So very confusing. The second manufacturer is even better. He is selling Corona Virus-free sofas. So how do I not get Corna Viris simply by sitting on the Sofa? GOK! (God only knows)! Photo Courtesy, Siddhartha Reddy Avija.

Initially, the rumours were that eating meat was dangerous and the sale of chicken, fish and meat nose-dived. The government and the concerned ministers had to eat chicken in public to allay the fears. Slowly the sale of meat and chicken started coming back to normalcy.

Sneha Chicken hits back, It says "Chicken boosts immunity to fight against Corona. IF YOU CAN'T FIGHT THEM, JOIN THEM. It almost appears like a Rajanikanth movie. Only the chicken has to say "Enna rascala' addressing the Corona Virus and the virus would simply be blown away. Picture courtesy Aditya Sunkara.

Oh, almighty save us from these people!

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