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April 18, 2013

Best Print advertisements - B & B Hotels Bacon and McDonald

Print advertisements especially in the new papers are going to stay around for a long period of time. In countries like India newspaper reading is still growing unlike in western countries where it is tapering off. Print advertising offers huge challenges but at the same time for the creative people it is the ultimate frontier - how to be as creative as ever and be noticed and talked about in the same breath and with the same excitement as a good television commercial.

B& B Hotels Bacon

This advertisement from the creative German agency Publicis is a work of art. Bed and breakfast advertisements can often be dull and boring in their concepts but this campaign is a feast for the eyes.

Engaging the reader with quirky manipulation, it takes a while for the art direction to really sink in but once it does, readers instantly fall in love with the creative. The rest of the series features a cheese sandwich as well as sausages on toast but the best is this egg yolk pillow one!


Illustrator Helen Musselwhite worked with legendary advertising agency Leo Burnett to create this awe-inspiring paper illustration. The design is based around McDonald's collaboration with DK Books in conjunction with their Happy Meals.

Macdonald was trying to win over its detractors who were saying that its food was bad and that it was making young children addictive to its toys through its happy meal concept. To win over the detractors McDonald came out with this advertisement which says that books would be offered to the children. MacDonald is saying that it encourages good habits – reading books being one of them. 

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