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April 21, 2013

chat about Frooti new Advertisement

Ashwini Sikka
Heard the song playing at the background of frooti ad. with very catchy tune .............but most importantly the lyrics too are sweet...... :)
These lyrics are not garbage .....tried to find out and decipher. They are a mix of Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, Hindi, Italian words.

" Aamaletiya stavin crata pile pila

Aamaletiya merlucchiya pile pila

Inlorpotamanta tora tut tut tiya

Less so less in nina amichiya strala

Aamalitiya stavin crata pile pila

Aameletiya merlucchiya pile pila

Aamalitiya stavin crata pile pila

Aameletiya merlucchiya pile pila

Aamalitiya stavin crata pile pila

Aameletiya merlucchiya............"

Meaning : Beautiful and lovely mango, to us highly starving people, you will act as pile of batteries to recharge, Beautiful and lovely mango, you are partly wicked, you will act as pile of batteries to recharge, We are salivating greatly agreed, from unpleasant fighting people, we become happiest person in the world, As it is getting over, like a little girl, it is emitting eternal love, Beautiful and lovely mango, to us highly starving people, you will act as pile of batteries to recharge – for the Beautiful and lovely mango, you are partly wicked…

Aam: Hindi, Mango

Letiya: Urban Lingo, Beautiful person, lovely heart

Stavin: Short for starving

Crata: French, might/strength

Pile: Spanish, batteries

Pila: Italian, Pile

Mer: An affix meaning “part”, used in chemistry

Lucchi: Hindi, wicked

Lor: Singapore Lingo, Agree

Pota: Uraban Lingo, Salivating

Manta: Spanish, Great Size

Tora: Japanese, Quarrel

Tut-tut: Urban Lingo, Disapproval

Tiya: Urban Lingo, Happiest person in the world.

Nina: Spanish, Little girl

Ami: Italian, Love

Chiya: Japanese, Eternal

Strala: Swedish, To radiate light


Dr. M. Anil Ramesh: Point well taken Ashwini Sikka. Words are not garbage. Remember the KISS Principle. Till you told me I never realized the meaning of those words. Delving on the other side. Always enjoy the mango in its natural form. The best Banginapally or a Rasam (types of mangoes) is 1000 times better than any Maaza or a Frooti. Maaza or Frooti are a mishmash of all types of mangoes and more than a generous potion of sugar. They are 90% sugar and very little mango. That is what they are- dreams being marketed as life style.
Ashwani Sikka: Absolutely true! sir, Indeed Maaza/Frooti or any other artificial drinks rich in HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) bears no comparison with natural fruit juices, such drinks are the main cause for Obesity n type II diabetes. Deceptive T.V commercials use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other techniques to design their ad. that plays with mind (both consciously and subconsciously) thereby inducing the respective targets to buy their stuff, good or bad who cares! that what Marketing is these days..... As well as the above advertisement is concerned, I find the ad.'s storyline quite simple{the energy drink made of real mangoes, targeting both children and grown-ups that tempts them to quench their thirst and charge their batteries up after an exhausting football practice session etc., that is what the Jingle says} irrespective of the Jingle. The storyline mingles with the Jingle when one knows the meaning :) Still don't know why the hell they used the multilingual Jingle. :)

Dr. M. Anil Ramesh: you write well. Either write on your own or write and mail me. I will publish it from my blog but would give you credit, just like any newspaper.
The point is only Shah Rukh is drinking and not any of the kids. It would have been better if the kids were shown drinking or if Shah Rukh allowed the kids to drink it from his bottle. Sampling you know!
Ashwini Sikka: Shah Rukh khan shown drinking not the kids is just because to give way to temptation... Sir that is where NLP play its part. The message decoded using NLP arises an unsatisfied desire (here to drink Frooti) in the subconscious mind which induces the subject(s) to buy "Frooti", that is the secret behind the "The Magic of Frooti"

Dr. M. Anil Ramesh: Accepted Ashwini Sikka. Know the concept of NLP but check out any great campaign. They all show the users sampling and enjoying the products. The idea is to make them try it out. In the advertisement itself.

Sikka you should do MA Psychology. Great insightful thoughts. On second thoughts a PhD in consumer Psychology would be even better. Try out Kellogg’s or Princeton. All the best.

Ashwini Sikka: Thanks you! Mentor.

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