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December 19, 2010

III - New words that have entered into the english language

1.      It bag High-priced designer handbag that is the bag “of the moment”, or a “must – have” item.

2.      It girl A girl who has become a celebrity more through intense media coverage than through any personal achievements (e.g. Paris Hilton)

3.      Jumbrella Blend of ‘jumbo’ and ‘umbrella’. Very large umbrella set above tables outdoors at a coffee shop, pub or restaurant.

4.      Landline A telephone connected to wires in a fixed location as opposed to a mobile or cell phone.

5.      Mailbomb To deliberately try to disrupt another computer system by sending massive amounts of email to it.

6.      Meritocracy The idea that merit and individual effort determine one’s success rather than wealth or birth.

7.      Mocktail Non alcoholic drink that looks like a cocktail.

8.      Netbook   Small laptop computer which weighs less than 3 pounds and has a 7 to 10 inch screen.

9.      Netiquette Blend of ‘network’ and etiquette’.Set of rules governing appropriate behavior and courtesy on the internet.

10.  Netizen Blend of ‘internet’ and ‘citizen’. A person who spends an excessive amount of time on the internet.

11.  Newbie A new member of any group, community, or activity

12.  Nonliner   Someone who rarely or never uses the internet, usually because they cannot access it.

13.  Noogler New Google employee

14.  Norspot An area where there is slow Internet access or no connection at all.

15.  Noughites The years between 2000 and 2009 which contain a ‘nough’ (zero), in the same way as other decades are called the ‘thirties’, sixties, etc.

16.  Offshorable  Something that can be done or produced in another country, especially at reduced costs.

17.  Oversharing Providing too much information on the Internet (credit card details, personal information, etc.) especially through social network sites.

18.  Overworking class A segment of today’s working population where there is a desire or need to work long hours.

19.  Password fatigue Being tired of having to remember a large number of passwords for different electronic devises.

20.  Recessionista Popular new term for a person who succeeds in dressing stylishly on a tight budget.

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