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December 20, 2010

IV - New words that have entered the english language

1.      Road rage Aggressive habits often resulting in violence against other drivers,

2.      Sandwich generation A generation of people who care for the needs of their children as well as those of their own elderly parents.

3.      Screenager A young person or teenager who spends a lot of time in front of the computer screen.

4.      Sitcom Blend of ‘situation’ and ‘comedy’. A drama, on television, based on humorous everyday situations.

5.      Slumdog Very poor, underprivileged person who lives in an overcrowded squalid area of a city called a slum.

6.      Smirt Blend of ‘smoke’ and ‘flirt’. Smoking prohibition laws have led to a new sort of social pastime: ‘smirting’, smokers getting to know each other when outside on the pavement.

7.      Snail mail The standard postal system of delivering mail which is very slow in contrast to electronic mail.

8.      Spinnish The language used by spin doctors, spokes-persons, campaign managers, etc. when trying to present information in a favourable light.

9.      Staycation A vacation in which you stay at home and relax or visit places close to where you live.

10.  Textual harassment Sending text message to mobile phones which insult or abuse people.

11.  Tombstoning Jumping or diving into water from a dangerously high place such as a hotel balcony, a cliff, bridge, wall, roof, etc.

12.  Trekkie A fan of the TV science fiction series Star Trek

13.  Tweet People who ‘tweet’ send short messages via the microblogging service Twitter.

14.  Upskill Teach an employee new or additional skills.

15.  Web rage Anger or frustration as a result of difficulties or problems encountered when using the internet.

16.  Webinar Presentation or seminar conducted over the web.

17.  Wordle The words of a piece of text arranged into a sort of graphic. The more frequent a particular word appears in the text, the bigger its size in the wordle.

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