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December 06, 2010

Thinking on one's feet - ready wit

One of the things that every candidate should posses while facing an interview is presence of mind. A bright freshly minted IIM topper who incidentally was a topper at IIT too had prepared very thoroughly for his interview at his holy grail – HLL (now Hindustan Unilever Limited). He has all his certificates neatly ready. His suit was immaculate and his shoes were shining. As he was entering into the interview room our candidate trips and falls flat on his face. As he is falling he thought “Oh my god here goes my chance of getting in HUL”. Slowly our IIM graduate gets up dusts himself and says “thank god I fell in good company!” The horrified interviewers were greatly relieved at his ready wit. It goes without saying that our IIM graduate got his dream assignment at HUL and went on to become one of the top honchos at HUL.

Another candidate was asked “ How many steps have you climbed up to reach this interview room” Without batting a eye lid the candidate replied “ the number of steps that I am going to climb down to go back to my house”

Knowing that many people are applying for a coveted job an applicant applying for a post in a famous advertising agency sent a potato as his bio-data saying very crisply "I want to be a potato in your organization". He was called to the interview and he was asked as to what he means by that outrageous statement. The candidate replied" Sure sir, A potato is a very versatile vegetable, it can be used in any dish, it can be used to enrich any dish and it gives lots of energy. So like a potato you will find me very versatile and I would fit into any department and I would be very versatile". Needless to say he got the job.

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