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January 24, 2011

Ending on the winning side always!

There is always emphasis in management to be on the winning side. The process is not as important as winning. This is where the Japanese and the Western ethos differ. The Japanese always believe that the process is more important if not more than the winning itself. For example the process of making tea in Japan takes a whooping two hours and the side show is the process of drinking it. 

Some ways by which you can always win at any cost.
  1. You could ask the other person “There is a cat in front of a cat and there is a cat at the back of the cat. Tell me how many cats are there?” If the other person says three cats, you can say two and if he says two you can say three!
  2. You could ask “How many legs does a Donkey and its offspring have?” If the answer is eight say laughingly “Donkey (that is you) and your son will have four legs”. If the other person says four legs, say innocently “I never meant you. Donkey will have four legs and its son will have four. So the total is eight”
  3. But in some case this type of strategy will back fire. A teacher pointed a stick at an errant student and said “at the end of the stick is the biggest fool in the world”. The student very innocently said “which end sir?”

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