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January 08, 2011

Crabs in a bottle!

IT like all of us know expands as Information Technology. But there is a joke in the IT sector. They talk about IT as Indians and Taiwanese. Indians are  very good in software and Taiwanese are very good at Hardware and the joke is that Americans make all the money. 

So what is the problem with the Indians. Let me explain it with the help of a joke. One Indian exporter was exporting crabs to USA. The customs officer was astonished to note that the bottle that was holding the crabs did not have a  cap. He told the exporter" Hello your bottle does not have a cap, don't you think that all the crabs will escape" the exporter replied " arre saab, these are Indian crabs. When one starts to climb the others will pulls it it down. This will happen to any crab that tries to escape. And all the crabs will remain in the bottle". 

We Indians are inherently suspicious of others. We don't mind not prospering as long as the other fellow also does not prosper. The history is full of industries and sector that Indians have taken to in huge numbers and wasted the entire sector. Take the examples of Shrimp and Prawn farming, or of corporate sheep rearing and teak plantations. 

Once two staunch enemies were praying to the god. The god appeared to the second fellow and asked him as what was his wish.  The fellow said " double what ever the first fellow asked". And immediately the second fellow became totally blind. The wily  first fellow knew the second fellow will ask god to double what ever he asked. So he asked god to make him blind in one eye so that the second fellow will go totally blind.

So let us unite and try to forget onemanupship. Strength lies in numbers and the strength of the chain lies in the weakest link. Let us have the strongest chain in the world.

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