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January 31, 2011

Best marketing practices - USA - Part - I

If you want to learn the flair of marketing you have to visit the Mecca of marketing the USA. USA is a place where everything in the world is marketed. Americans can market the things better than it where the idea or products originated. For example Yoga originated in India but it was made famous in the United States of America.

Cemetery space selling: A hard working South Asian Indian in California had a dapper visitor. The visitor introduced himself and said that he was selling space. The Indian asked him about the details. The sales man said he was selling cemetery space. The Indian recoiled in horror. Like al of us death is a taboo topic got the Indians. Death is something that is natural and it is inevitable. But no one thinks about it. But the sales man went on to give out philosophy. He said “who will take care of you when you move away (see he is not using the word death, Insurance sellers please note). You have to provide a decent burial for yourself. You can come for a visit and see your resting area yourself. We do have a installment scheme where you an pay monthly.

"You can use our service not only for the burial but annually too. We can see that agarbattis (excuse me he said agarbattis – this sales man has really done his home work). are lit on your Samadhi every year. You can a have a floral service too.”

The Indian was not all convinced. He tried putting away the brash sales man by asking him to meet him at a later stage. As the sales man started to pick up his things he gave a broad smile and said “our cemetery plots are according to vaastu (a Hindu tradition of space design to promote harmony with natural forces). I can see that you are given a north east facing space at no extra cost”. The Indian almost fainted at the depth of the salesman’s knowledge about his customer. The sales man even though not successful in transacting a sale proved a valid point about in depth call preparation before meeting the customer.

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