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January 06, 2011

Japanese, Russian and American Management experts

Three men were about to be hanged. They were management experts from three countries namely Russia, Japan and USA. They were given one wish before they were hanged. The Russian Said “we are disillusioned with this idea of capitalism. Can I hear an inspiring speech of Karl Marx theory”? He was given a chance to hear the theory of Karl Marx and died a happy man.

The next man in the line was the Japanese guy. He said “We Japanese gave the world all the latest concepts in the world including Kanben, Kaizen, Hara-kiri, JIT etc. Can I hear a recording about the latest concepts about Japanese Management?”

Even before his request could be acted upon, the American piped in “Hang me before you give me another lecture of Japanese management. I heard so many lectures about Japanese Management that I am bored to death. Instead of boring me to death for another time, hang me so that at least I can die peacefully”

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