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January 10, 2011

Tigers on the loose!

Nehru Zoological Park is a Zoo in Hyderabad. It is famed for housing the birds and animals in a natural habitat. One day due to the callousness of the keepers two tigers escaped and entered the city of Hyderabad. Just like any other city in India, Hyderabad is a mega metropolis. They roamed the roads of Hyderabad and found a nice big building and made it their home.

These tigers were ravenously hungry and managed to stay in the building which incidentally was a government office undetected for nearly six months. After spending six months one fine day they were caught and were transported back to Nehru Zoological Park.

They others tigers made a courtesy call on the tigers which returned after their sojourn in the city. They asked the two tigers as to how was  it that they evaded detection for six months and what were they feeding upon.

One of the tigers gave a deep sign and said “Yes it is true that we were free six months. Those six months were the most blissful of our life. We did not find any food and resorted to eating the babus (popular name for the government employees). They were many of them and most of them did very little work. Inspite of consuming two babus per day for six months ( 2 x 180 = 360) their absence was not felt.

Bur unfortunately on the day we were caught to our misfortune we killed and ate the canteen boy. How are we to know that the canteen boy who serves tea in the office is the most important person in that organization?

When the IAS officers and the other babus were not served their tea, all the hell broke out. Investigations were made about the canteen boy and we were discovered. That is our story”

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