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January 20, 2011

Touch screen Magic

There is a new item on the television channels about Hotels in Singapore that are offering a very unique feature in their menu rather on the table itself. The biggest problem about the  best hotel in the world is the huge crowd. The crowd adds to the ambience but mean slow service. 

Customers have two choices take it or leave it. Most customers stay back but the mood is gone by the time the food arrives. The solution - the Singapore hotels have hit it right on the head. Each table has a touch screen which is very user friendly. The entire menu is displayed. The interactiveness means that the customers can see the menu, select the items, and see the process of preparation of the dish.

Surprise of surprises the customer can have a conversation with the chef himself. Once the ordering is done one gets a message, at the table. One can even customize the food to his or her taste. This aspect becomes very important as many of us are allergic to many items. Readers would be surprised to know that many people are allergic to Peanuts. Yes you are reading it right, Peanuts or groundnuts as they are popularly called.

Touch screens also mean that table waiters can be eliminated. The sign at the delivery counter announced the number of the table once the food is prepared. The customer can go and pick up their order. Way to go Singapore hotels!

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