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April 14, 2011

Innovative methods of marketing - Reverse Graffiti, Presence marketing and Grassroot marketing

 Reverse Graffiti — clean pavement advertisements. Reverse graffiti, also known as clean tagging, dust tagging, grime writing, green graffiti or clean advertising, is a method of creating temporary images on walls or other surfaces by removing dirt from the surface. It is often done by removing dirt or dust with the fingertips from windows or other dirty surfaces, such as writing 'wash me' on a dirty vehicle. 

Reverse Graffiti also explored commercially as an original way of out-of-home advertising to reach consumers in an unconventional new way. Microsoft, the BBC and Smirnoff have advertised their products using reverse Graffiti.  

Presence marketing — marketing to the consumer who is at the point of Purchase (Marketing - for being there). Presence Marketing hinges on two fundamental in-store concepts: Presence Identification identifies a customer upon entry to retail establishment and session Metrics captures the duration of a customer’s shopping visit, departments visited, time spent in the various departments. It provides key insights such as lost sales -- when a shopper spends time in a department/store and does not purchase.

Consider the following example to illustrate the difference between Shopper Marketing and Presence Marketing. If P&G wants to provide a discount on Tide detergent it could use shelf talkers mounted near the shelves which carry the Tide product. The shelf-talker would present a coupon to every shopper who walks past the aisle. It has been reported that 60% of these types of promos actually cannibalize a brands own sales! So someone who was going to buy Tide and was willing to pay full price now gets it at a discount. This is shopper marketing.

In contrast “Presence Marketing” would take into consideration the shopper’s transaction history. So if the customer was buying a different brand’s detergent then a coupon could be sent to the customer’s mobile phone based on Presence Identification.

Grassroots marketing — tapping into the collective efforts of brand enthusiasts. Grass roots marketing is to market the company, organization, products or services on a local and on a personal level. Grass roots marketing is a best way to reach the customers on the basis where they get to know the company and the company gets to know them. Grass root marketing can b tried out using

Direct Phone Calls: This is the method where the company directly calls the potential customer. Better known as telemarketing, it really has garnered a negative stigma to it over the years. However, when direct phone calls are done properly, they are a great way to get to promote the company and its products or service.

Speaking Engagements: This method takes some inner talents to get in front of small and large groups to get the word across about whatever is being marketed. Public speaking may not be possible for everyone but if there is someone in the company that can do it effectively its is better to use that person.

Canvassing: This is the art form of going around in the neighborhood, speaking to people directly, placing flyers on their doors, putting up posters and so on.

There are so many ways more ways the company can implement a grass roots marketing campaign. Whatever the method the company should make sure that is reaching the potential customers on a personal level.

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