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April 19, 2011

Mosquito repellent market – Marketing innovations

So lets us see some innovation in the mosquito repellent products

Liquidator with a control: This is a new innovation. There is knob on the liquidator. The knob can be adjusted to be at a minimal level for fewer mosquitoes and at a maximum level for more mosquitoes.

Liquidator with a push button control: Some liquidators come with a push button control. When the push button is not activated it is for less density of mosquitoes and if the push button is pushed it is for more density of mosquitoes.  

Odomos without the stickiness: Odomos the cream ran into problems with its stickiness, the smell and the irritation that it causes to sensitive skins and to children. Odomos worked on its formula and came out with a new cream that is less smelly, lees sticky and causeS less irritation.  

Coils without vapor: Tortoise the brand that wake up the repellent market too had its share of problems with the smoke that it emits and the resultant pollution. Now a day’s coils emit less smoke and cause less environmental pollution. But coils are cleanly out of favor and they now being shifted to more off house platforms. That is coils are being used mostly for outside the home usage.

Tennis bat terminator: A new invention. This is a electrical item shaped like a tennis bat. During my evening walk I frequently hear the snapping sound of a mosquitoes perishing and find a  face of grinning man who has just eradicated one  of the many mosquito that have been irritating his for quite some time.

DDT and defogging: These are used by the government. DDT was supposed to be a wonder and it was said that it would wipe out the mosquitoes menace. But what is wiped out was natural fauna like the sparrows! The mosquitoes have proved to be resilient and have genetically modified themselves and have proved immune to DDT. Same with the defogger. It created lots of noise and smoke but no real reduction of mosquitoes have been observed in areas where defogging operation has been conducted.

Two-in-one (mosquitoes and cockroaches): A new innovation, some companies have come out with two in one eradicator. One spay will kill both mosquitoes and cockroach. Does it really work? It is anybody’s guess but it is a very clever marketing innovation.

Mosquito repellents sprays that can be used as room freshener too: I have not seen this innovation but is worth a try. Now a day’s most people are conscious about their surrounding and they spend lavishly on room fresheners. So why not have a room freshener that can eradicate the mosquitoes. but  the marketers have to mull over the positioning the product.

Would the marketers position the product as a room freshener that can kill the mosquitoes or as a mosquito repellent that smells nice and can be used as a room freshener? My bet is – go for the room freshener which can be a mosquito repellent. That would be a nice positioning!

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