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December 09, 2012

25 years (Silver Jubilee) of working

It was on the 7th of December 1987 exactly 25 years ago that I started working. I  along  with  an Electrical engineer called Akbar were selected by a company called Indian Communications Network Limited (ICNL). We joined as Sales Executives for a princely salary of 1450/- rupees per month. We were paid a transport allowance of 300/- rupees per month.

I still remember that day very clearly. I and Akbar reported to the RSM (Regional Sales Manager) Mr. Ravindranath. Ravindranath welcomed us and asked us to report to Mr. Paramjit Singh, the FM (Field Manager). Network was the market leader in the field of electronic typewriters.

There are many things that I learned from Network and it was a memorable working experience. Many of my colleagues are still in touch (thanks to mobiles and Facebook). Ranganath, ASM (Area Sales Manager – Sales), Sudhir Rao ASM (Area Sales Manager – Customer Support and Service), T. N. Ravi Kumar, TM (Territory Manager), Raghunandan CS (Customer Support), Sakethnath CS (Customer Support). All moved on in life and have become successful in their own fields.

The things that I remember very well are the training that was imparted to the sales staff on Saturdays and the crib sessions organized by our RSM, Ravindranath. Ravindranath encouraged the staff to come out with at least one crib or complaint. Ajay Nadir once said that it was more than a month since we had a party. Much to our delight Ravindranath immediately arranged for an office party.

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