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December 21, 2012

Indian English and American English - Part - I

Taken from A wonderful site very helpful. Everyone should check out this site.


Indian English          American English

Braces                         Suspenders

Half-pant                     Shorts

Half sleeves                 Short sleeves

Handbag                     Purse, Pocketbook, Change purse

Jumper                         Sweater

Ladders (in stockings) Runs

Neckerchief                 Scarf

Overcoat (light)          Topcoat, Coat, Jacket

Overcoat (heavy)        Overcoat, Coat

Oversize                      Extra large

Petticoat                      Slip

Pinafore dress             Jumper

Polo-neck sweater       Turtle-neck sweater

Purse                           Wallet

Sanitary towel             Sanitary napkin, pad

Sports shoes                Sneakers, Athletic shoes, Running shoes

Suspenders                  Garters

Swim costume             Swim suit

Swim trunks                Swim suit

Tights                          Panty hose

Trial room                   Fitting room

Trousers                      Trousers, Pants, Slacks

Vest                             Under shirt

Waistcoat                    Vest

Waist petticoat            Half slip

Wind cheater               Wind breaker


Indian English                      American English

3rd standard                            3rd grade

Be a student                            Take a class

Canteen                                   Cafeteria

College                                   School

Higher Secondary School       High School

Invigilator                               Proctor

Marks                                      Grades

Mark sheet                              Grade card

Primary school                        Elementary school

Private school                          Public school (free)

Public school                           Private school (tuition charged)

Secondary School                   Junior High School

Take a class                             Teach a class

University                               School


Indian English                       American English

Biscuit                                     Cookie (if sweet), Cracker (if salty)

Brinjal                                     Eggplant

Brown bread                           Whole wheat bread

Bun                                         Biscuit

Cafe ("kayf")                           Cafe ("kaf-ay'")

Capsicum                                Bell pepper

Chocolate, Lollipop, Sweet    Candy

Cold drink                               Soda

Coriander                                Cilantro

Curd                                        Yogurt

Dry grapes                               Raisins

Filter coffee                            Brewed coffee

Finger chips                             French fries

French beans                           Snow peas

Garam masala                          Curry

Groundnuts                             Peanuts

Hotel                                       Restaurant (only for eating) Hotel (for staying and/or eating)

Jelly                                         Gelatin

Milk powder                           Cream

Nes-coffee                              Instant coffee

Lady fingers                           Okra

(Potato) wafers                       (Potato) chips

Saccrine                                   Artificial sweetener

Soft drink                                Soda

Small pastries                          Lady fingers

Soda                                        Club soda

Tomato sauce                          Ketchup   (tomato sauce is less sweet)

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