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December 15, 2012

Be a Multilingual - earn more!

I have spent most of my life in Hyderabad and many times I came across people and students who claim that they don’t know a word of Telugu inspite of spending so much time in Hyderabad

Telugu is the 2nd most spoken language in India and their skill set would have increased if they had working knowledge of the language.

We have to remember IAS officers posted in a new state are given 90 days to master the new language. They will have to read, write and speak the local language. Then only would they be called the "Public servants". What use is the public servant if he can’t speak the lingo of the masses?

T. N. Ravi Kumar, my friend who works in the ABN Amro bank is a prime example of the opposite. Ravi’s mother is Telugu and his father is a Tamilian . So he picked up Telugu and Tamil. He was born in Karnataka and studied in a central school. So he picked up Kannada, Hindi and English. That is not the end, Ravi married a Malayali lady. So he picked up Malayalam. He worked in Mumbai and picked up Marathi.And when he worked in  Bank of Madurai at Surat he picked up Gujarati.

So the count of languages that Ravi knows read, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi and English. A jaw dropping 9 languages. It is amazing to see Ravi switch seamlessly from one language to another. Later Ravi was posted in Singapore. May be he picked up a smattering of Mandarin Chinese too. Way to go Ravi.

Being multi lingual broadens the mind and enhances skill   set  and makes one more employable. You can talk the language of your customer and immediately there is a connect and a bondage between you and your customer. Learn more languages and earn more.

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