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December 18, 2012

Iconic advertisement Campaign - ‘you meet the nicest people on a Honda'’

Habit changing advertisements: advertisements are meant to inform, influence and inspire people to buy and experience products and services. They can aid marketing in many ways including acting as remainder, to shock people, and to dissuade some people from procuring (de-marketing) and also in making people avoid or not to buy some products (negative marketing).

But there are some advertisements that make people change their perceptions, their ideas, feelings and make them look at products more favorably than what they were before.

Motorcycles had got a very unsavory reputation in the USA during the 50s and the 6os. People riding motorcycles were seen as tough and mean guys. In short motorcycles were seen as vehicles for the tough and the anti-social elements. The tough image of the Harley Davidson riders and the looks of the Harley riders did nothing to bolster confidence that motorcycles were for the entire family.

Enter Honda motors. Honda did an entire campaign that said ‘you meet the nicest people on a Honda’. This campaign was gone by Grey advertising, USA.

The advertisement depicted housewives, a parent and child, young couples and other respectable members of society-referred to as "the nicest people" riding Honda motorcycle for a variety of purposes.

Honda succeeded in its appeal to the American public. It was seen as a casual vehicle for daily activities, and as such was an entirely new consumer value as a vehicle for the entire family. It erased the motorcycle's deeply rooted image of evil and discontent.

This iconic campaign legitimized the motorcycles and made motor cycles and motorcycling reputable again in the USA.

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