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December 21, 2012

Indian English and American English – Part IV (Yoghurt?)

Taken from A wonderful site very helpful. Everyone should check out this site.


Indian English           American English

Net                              Internet

Site                              Web site

Mail                             Email

Post                             Mail


Indian English                       American English

A place to park                        Driveway

A place to drive                      Parkway

Anti clockwise                        Counter-clockwise

Black money                           Tax free, Undeclared income

Bunk school                            Skip class

Convince someone                  Talk someone into

Dismissed (from job)              Fired (from job, for fault of employee) Laid off (from job, for no

                                                fault of employee)

Fainted                                    Passed out

Get down (from a bus)           Get off (of a bus)

Give the car some race           Speed up the car

How is everything?                How is it going?

How are you?                          How are you doing?

I am angry at you                    I am mad at you

Indian                                      Indian - Native American, East Indian - Person from India

Intimate                                   Inform

Issue a book (library)              Check out a book (library)

Join duty                                 Report for work

Let's make a move                  Let's go

Let's push off                          Let's go

Mess up                                   Screw up

Passed out                               Graduated

Push the accelerator                Step on the gas

Ring up (someone)                  Call up (someone)

Sleep in the afternoon             Nap

Standing from a constituency Running for an election

Straight-away                          Right away

The line is engaged                 It's busy / I got a busy tone

To appear in (give) a test         To take a test

To be out of station                 To be out of town

Too good                                 Cool

To post (a letter)                      To mail (a letter)

To submit                                To turn in

Very Close Relations              Intimate relations

Washing up machine               Dishwasher

Wash up                                  Do the dishes

Wash your hands                    Wash up

What is time?                          Do you have the time?


  1. Good One Sir, especially 'Do you have the time?'... hahah....
    warm wishes to you and your family for Christmas and in advance, a prosperous new year!

  2. Thank you Saumik and wish you and your family a merry christmas a roaring new year. Keep reading and keep your feedback coming in!

  3. very informative. Like your post