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December 12, 2012

400 not out

Wow my 400th blog entry. Mountains look easy to climb at a first look. Ask me I looked at Thadiyandamol (the second highest mountain in Karnataka) at a height of 1747 meters and thought it would be easy to climb. I struggled, Struggled and struggled. Finally I made it to the summit thanks to my guide and my wife who encouraged me when I was plagued with self-doubt.

Same with blogging. I thought writing a blog entry every day would be a piece of cake or a walk in the park. But it was not so. What I thought would take me 13 months (an entry per day) took two years and eight months. Work pressure inevitably meant that I slowed down.

What keeps me blogging is the occasional comments that I get (I wish I get more comments). I also blog because I love blogging and it is a sort of a record of things that I want to remember. My blog is my library where I store and retrieve information whenever I need.

Many a time I find that readers are reading one of my entries that I had totally forgotten. I read the same along with my readers and this triggers me in another totally different direction. I find my blog entries to be very useful training tools in my seminars and in my marketing classes. It is very easy for me to ask my students to pick up an entry and comment on it. Students love it as the author is in front of them and they can clarify issues.

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