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April 11, 2022

Bata "Surprisingly Bata' - Totally Baffling

Taken from my WhatsApp post 

21/03/19, 10:06 pm - Dr. M. Anil Ramesh.:

Common sense is not common. The latest campaign by Bata "Surprisingly Bata' leaves me baffled. What is Bata thinking about? Yes, the shoe range is trendy but why is ‘Bata itself getting surprised?’. It is a tacit admission that is an old, stiff upper lip and not happening brand.  This is quite perplexing. For a brand that many generations swear, this is a big let-down. Come on Bata wake up!

Snigdha: good evening sir! It’s been ages since I purchased Bata shoes. I don’t think my parents are likely to purchase Bata shoes anymore. I think the company has reached the dog stage in the BCG matrix.

Dr. M. Anil Ramesh.: Bata is still known for its quality and very durable hush puppies range.

Snigdha: yes sir! the material is very durable. But I was never a fan of the design part sir. I feel like they’re old school type 😁

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